Smashing Guitars

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   Beijing, China     The idea for this short video came from having had two guitars which had been sitting around collecting dust in my Beijing apartment for a while.   Both where awful guitars, near on impossible to tune. I had packed up to move from Beijing, and ‘Smashing Guitars’ was born from the […]


Lightning on Lamma

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   Lamma Island, Hong Kong   …   It has been threatening to rain for the past few days and today finally it fell. By evening the thunder had arrived and out over the power station the night sky was light lit up with lighting.   … … …  


Beijing Bats

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     Qingnianhu Park, Beijing, China   …..   Up until a few weeks ago in the early evening, just after the sun had set, bats would fly out in search of something to eat. Around the lake in Qingnianhu Park (青年湖公园) they would congregate and chase moths, flying in between the men seated along the […]


Chenjiapu night sky

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     Chenjiapu, Hebei, China     ..Jupiter rising over the Great Wall..   Beijing is perhaps not best known for its clear skies. Not to mention star gazing isn’t best done in the middle of a city of 19 million. But a few miles down the road in Hebei it gets very dark at night. […]


Big Fish

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     Beijing, China     …..   In the film Big Fish one of the main themes is distinguishing between reality and fiction. Sometimes they are as clear as night and day and sometimes they mix together and become so interlocked that they can become hard to differentiate between.   Memories of jellyfish floating around […]